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Nakano Yamato
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Yamato was raised as an experiment by a woman named Nagisa. She was to be the Sacrifice half for the original Zero pair. As she grew up, it was drove into her head that she would belong to Sakagami Kouya. Yamato was surprisingly okay with this, however. She had heard so much about Kouya that she had fallen in love with the girl without even meeting her.

At age fifteen, Yamato finally got to meet her Fighter. It was an extremely happy and exciting moment for Yamato, a moment she had been waiting for for the majority of her life. Kouya had been everything Yamato had imagined and better.

As the two grew closer, Yamato noticed scars and cuts on Kouya's body. When she found out that Kouya was trying to experience pain, Yamato began to injure herself as well. It was to prove her bond to her Fighter. The two eventually showed each other their true names, each had a small "0" on their breast.

Two years passed, and then Yamato's name started to fade from her chest. At first, she tried to hide it from Kouya, but it became impossible with all the pain she began to feel during the battle Soubi and Ritsuka. Kouya stopped the battle, and for the first time in their lives the girls defied Nagisa. They left so that they may be together forever, with no fear of ever being torn apart.
Yamato is a very playful and carefree individual. She loves to tease people, especially when those people include Kouya. She also tends to get jealous rather easily. She hates when Kouya wears fake ears because she sees it as Kouya rejecting her in some way. Despite her jealous nature, she is also a huge flirt. She will playfully flirt with just about anyone, but the only person she will ever truely care about is Kouya. She would never dream of touching another.
Name: Nakano Yamato
Canon: Loveless
Age: 17
Point in time taken from canon: After the battle with Ritsuka and Soubi, and the girls decide to "die" together.
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 115 lbs
Sexuality: Lesbian.
Likes: flirting, eating, Kouya, teasing others
Dislikes: homophobes, cooking, being lectured/scolded
Eyes: gray-blue
Hair: Dirty blonde
Personality: social, flirty, blunt, teasing, loyal
Talents/abilities: flirting
Love Interest: Kouya, but they are currently broken up.
Abilities: Yamato lacks any special abilities. She used to be immune to pain, but now that her name has faded she can feel pain.

Kidnap? You can try.
Noncon? You can try.
Angst? Yesh.
Attack? Go for it.
Kill? I am willing to discuss it ^^
Het, yaoi, yuri? All (though more than likely it will be yuri)
Rating? She's probably PG-13 at lowest, maybe PG, but that could be pushing it.

Any other notes? At the moment, broken muse is broken. Anyone want to fix her?

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Played by: my_closure

Dislaimer: Original character property of Kouga Yun, played for salkia_island.
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